Fun in the snow! SubiesAndSnow

I’m a Subaru Enthusiast, and a Subie Ascent owner, who heavily modded my Ascent, and wanted something to showcase all the work I put into it. While Subaru may (or may not) never make a Subaru Ascent Wilderness (and since they own the “Wilderness” brand), I came up with the Ascent WilderBeast brand, and decided to share!

After all, the Ascent really is a Beast out in the Wild!

The best (or second best?) part of purchasing some Ascent WilderBeast merch is that a portion of the proceeds go to the National Park Foundation, Make-A-Wish, or other amazing charities!

So, go ahead and show your love for your Ascent WilderBeast with some branded gear!

And expect a lot more to come!